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Drain cleaning is a common service need for most households. It’s easy to experience drain problems in various parts of your home. While we would suggest you avoid as many of these drain clogging materials as possible, it is not always possible.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs

  • Hair
  • Debris
  • Soap Scum
  • Grease & Oil Backup
  • Sewage Blockages

Your kitchen drain is prone to clogs from food byproducts that make their way into your pipes like, fat, oil, and grease. These products should never be disposed of through your plumbing system. The drains in your bathroom are also prone to various clogging agents like soap scum and hair. These products can build up in your pipes and wreak havoc on your draining system. Even your toilet is not safe from clogs. Foreign objects, like toys, excessive toilet paper, and sanitary napkins, will clog your toilet and require drain cleaning.

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Are You in Need of a Professional Drain Cleaning?

Most homeowners run to the DIY chemical drain cleaners when they face draining issues; however, this cleaning method can be harmful to your pipes.

Not only are these caustic chemicals damaging to your system, but they also are not as effective as many of the current innovative chemical-free options available from your local Chambersburg drain cleaning experts. At Chambersburg Super Techs, we know how to clean your drain, so your system is running as good as new.

You may need the help of our Chambersburg drain cleaning professionals if:

  • The drains in your home won’t empty
  • Your sink requires frequent unclogging
  • You are experiencing draining problems in more than one sink
  • Your drain has a foul odor
  • You have experienced sewage backup into your home

The Dangers of Skipping Drain Cleaning

It can be dangerous to not handle your clogged drains immediately. If you opt for DIY measures over thorough drain cleaning services, you could be making the problem worse. DIY chemical draining cleaning doesn’t eliminate the clog effectively. Leaving residue and materials in your drain allows clogs to form again in the same spot. Professional drain cleaning by your local Chambersburg drain cleaning experts will remove the clogs from your pipes instead of simply shrinking the problem. By skipping effective cleaning, you could be shaving years off the lifespan of your plumbing system. Your pipes cannot handle the regular use of chemical cleaners. They can ruin your pipes and speed up the aging process.

Why Customers Choose Chambersburg Super Techs

At Chambersburg Super Techs, we are dedicated to customer service and providing reliable solutions our customers can trust. We are excited to come to work every day to do work we believe improves the lives of those in our community. Part of what makes us different from others in the business is our commitment to helping our customers understand how their systems work. When warranted, we provide professional advice, and our prices are always affordable to fit even the tightest budget. Our goal is to provide transparent services customers trust and can rely on when they need help.

The drain cleaning experts in Chambersburg can help you find solutions to help your plumbing system run smoothly. Call us at (240) 469-4866 for information about our maintenance plans. We can schedule an appointment for a free estimate today!


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